Caribbean University is a private, not-for-profit, co-educational and non-sectarian higher

educational institution located in Puerto Rico; and is celebrating half a century of academic

achievements. As part of the United States, we are extending our academic programs to

your community so you may benefit from an accredited academic program, with a low-cost

credit value in a tropical environment.


We have as a vision to promote social and economic change that aims to increase the

personal and intellectual maturity of society by offering a service of education of

excellence. We are committed to the principles of accessibility, comprehensibility and

adaptability to meet the needs of the community. We accept the responsibility to foster in

our students respect for human dignity, the ethical and intellectual growth and personal

commitment to improve the society.


Caribbean University’s fundamental belief is that education is a right of every individual,

because through this they can develop intellectually acquiring the highest levels of human

dignity, freedom, critical thinking, creativity and responsibility. On this basis, the institution

provides technical academic programs, Associate, Bachelor, Master Degrees and a

Doctorate Degree to our students, providing the opportunity for them to develop their

talents and skills according to their ability.


We present you with an excellent opportunity to expand your academic career, in an

accessible way and live a new experience at the caribbean!




Prof. Lillian Matos

International and Student

Mobility Office



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